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Welcome Friends!


If you came to find a friend that can support your ability to step back and take a deep breath, gain clarity on a situation or release to heal, I'm here for you!  

Hi, my name is Jonisha and I am thrilled to guide and nurture you with inspired wisdom that will reignite your light. Ps that inspired wisdom is all around you too.  Let me be the ear to hear it for you when your burden is too heavy to hear it for yourself.

Let's clear something up first.

There are some rumours going around about me I need to clear up. For a long time I was referred to as a medium but that never resonated with me.  Then I was called a Seer - I resonated with that more.

A Psychic Medium is a person that has the unique ability to receive messages and translate energy from those that have crossed over.  A Seer is one who is blessed with moral and spiritual insight. But who cares, you know why? Because everyone is inherently divine and can possess these abilities when they turn to presence of God!


However sometimes, the light feels like it shuts off doesn't it?  Let me walk with you  and remind you that you are not alone. That light you were born with never goes off, because we did't create it. Sometimes all you need is a compassionate ear to uplift you.  We can do it together.

  Gaining your own alignment with Christ and healing comes from surrendering.  An experience that shifted my soul and it had nothing to do with any special ability I was born with.    The gift that comes when one fearlessly surrenders to Christ's

Presence is what creates healing, understanding, and awakens you to a love that never left.  At least that is what happened to me.  Standing in awe of his presence near death brought me such joy that I giggled my way back to life. In that moment and many others that followed the realisation that HE had my back as long as I remained trusting and present was all I needed to do... He showered me with love in the midst of death. And in my joy- HE saved me. 

As a licensed Realtor some people call me "The House Whisperer" together we can work to transform your inner and outer home from the inside out.

Let me guide you Home. 

With love and Gratitude, Jonisha

Certifications, Degrees and Credentials include

University or CT & AMDA Graduate,  *Licensed Realtor, Odained Minister,Certified Live Blood Microscopist, Certified "Unplugged" Meditation Instructor, Certified Sound Healer, Certified 500 Experienced Yoga Instructor for children and adults,  Certified Reiki Master, Creative Writing Teacher for children and adults, Creator& Facilitaro of Joy of Meditation Teacher Training Program,  Creator & Co-Founder Awakened Warrior Yoga Teacher Training 10+ years responsible for 300+ graduates internationally,  Intuitive Feng Shui Basics Instructor. *Certified Oneness Blessing Giver 12+ years, Certified.  Discovered live blood vibrational therapy using the Darkfield microscope click directory link below.  

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