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About Jonisha

A Psychic- Medium is a person that has the unique ability to receive insights and translate energy or messages from those that have crossed over.   This is similar to what a seer did in Biblical times. The meaning of a Seer is: one who is blessed with extraordinary moral and spiritual insight.

As a natural born Medium,  Jonisha is a healer and uses many modalities to create healing for an individual depending on their needs, this includes intuitive readings, laying on of hands, Oneness Blessings,  Prayer dedications and more. As one of the few healers in the world that provide Deeksha- ( a non-denominational transfer of energy from the hands,) Jonisha is an initiated Oneness Blessing giver.  This form of energy transference has been shown scientifically to create a neuro-biological shift in the way the brain functions to initiate instant whole person profound healing- and you do not need to see her in person for a healing to work. 

International clients from all over the world count on Jonisha to help guide and handle any situation big or small.  Jonisha's unique fusion of theraputic techniques combined with her ability to channel clear messages from those that have crossed over will support you in finding the relief you need, thus providing peace for those grieving a loss.

Jonisha works to help you from the inside out and that includes your home too.

As a licensed Realtor,  she utilizes her intuitive Feng Shui skills from her arsenal of energetic tools to help rid the home of any negative energy it holds that would prevent a person from buying or getting their home sold. 

(Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese traditional practice involving the flow of energy and harmony in a dwelling.) Your home is talking, and Jonisha can hear it. As a house whisperer Jonisha can help you get your home in order if you are also grieving the loss of a loved one or simply if you  just want  to feel more balanced and at peace.

Certifications, Degrees and Credentials include

University or CT & AMDA Graduate,  *Licensed Realtor, Certified Live Blood Microscopist, Certified "Unplugged" Meditation Instructor, Certified 500 Experienced Yoga Instructor for children and adults,  Certified Reiki Master, Creative Writing Teacher for children and adults, Creator& Facilitaro of Joy of Meditation Teacher Training Program,  Creator & Co-Founder Awakened Warrior Yoga Teacher Training 10+ years responsible for 300+ graduates internationally,  Intuitive Feng Shui Basics Instructor. *Certified Oneness Blessing Giver 12+ years, Certified Akashic Reader, Non- Denominational ordained minister. Discovered live blood vibrational therapy using the Darkfield microscope see directory below.  

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