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Joy of Meditation
Healing Center

Phone: (661) 379-7799

Email: jonisha@jonishathemedium.com

  Valentines Special!

 Get clarity on love, money and more during our intro reading! This reading was designed to focus in on one area and provide to the point messages, direction and on the spot relief.   These 45 minute readings are precise, detailed and to the point so that you can know what your next step is.            (Phone readings only.)



      Deceased Loved Ones Reading


           Oneness Blessing, Healing & Clearing Session

 Messages from loved ones that crossed over can come through to you at unexpected times if you are open. However if you are grieving it can be hard to hear it.  Jonisha is here to help deliver any messages those that have crossed over have for you with her compassionate loving energy.

Jonisha is also a gifted hands on healer who is not only a Reiki Master and Oneness Blessing giver, she combines her own unique ability to lay her hands on your and do healing work.


Depending on the situation she can also channel Eyezik where she acts as a conduit to deliver healing messages from universal collective consciousness from the non-physical realm. Jonisha allows this consciousness to voice ancient wisdom that is relevant and healing to all.


                                               Phone only  1 hr |  $185

       Readings or Blessings & Healings  In Person $250

        Group Readings


This group session involves a combination of delivering messages from those that have crossed over and channeled healing with metaphysical teachers "Eyezik". Participants are encouraged to ask questions for an individual mini-reading per person. Minimum 3 people, more than that is $50 additional per person 1hr 30 minutes. People are encouraged to bring a question.




Home Blessings & Clearings

Clear your home and heal your soul. Before we Feng Shui your home we work to clear your space by finding out what your house is saying. We then carve out a plan to balance the energy from  using the Marie Kondo organizing method from "The life changing magic of tidying-up," or simply blessing the home to prep it for what you need.


                                                 1 hr  min |  $225

  Spiritual Response Therapy

  1 on 1 session with Chris Rotolo Certified SRT consultant in person or remotely. Clear blocks in you life, past, present and future; with the help of your spirit team. Soul/ Akashic Records, and past life research and clearings.


                                                 2 hr |  $250


2 Day Weekend Workshop with 

Sound Bath, Reiki, and Oneness Blessings 


                        Weekend workshop |  $ 550

                      Early Bird pricing before Oct 4th

                I $450

    Divinely Inspired Productions

  Learn how to create your own show from start to finish once and for all.   Jonisha is not only an international medium, she is also an experienced producer, an accomplished screenplay writer and published author. She has worked with celebs and artists nationwide, helping them craft the perfect show that showcases their talent.
Her ability to channel the right content for your production with her psychic gift is the key to your successful production for theatre, tv or film.                  


                            1 day/wk for 5 weeks |  $ 1500

The Psychic Realtor

  Known as The Psychic Realtor; let Jonisha guide you to finding the right home energetically for you!                                    

 Buy my fun  book!