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What does a Medium do?

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

I get questions all the time about the role of a psychic or medium. I explain it like this, and keep in mind that this is only my perception based only on my personal experience alone. As a seer, I was always skeptical about the local tarot card reader on the street or the psychic next door. Yet I had the gift and I was not evil. In fact, I could remember wanting to be a nun when I grew up. As a Christian who loves aspects of Buddhism and was raised Catholic, sharing my ability with people was met with sneers and often straight up sarcasm. As a result I questioned everything. I quickly discovered that my gift was legit. That angels exist and that love abounds. Over time I grew to love, appreciate, and embrace my gift.

Let me be clear, when you book a reading with me, know that I am not here to tell you your future, I'm merely here to guide you back on your path and remind you to connect with God first. Believe it or not my message is more about the Holy Spirit because I believe that when I was kidnapped as a child and brought back unharmed, I realized that it was HE who guided me back, and the Holy Spirit that kept me at ease while leading me back home.

I will share that story in a video because it is too much to type right now. First, I would just like to break down what I do as a medium and how I view it all. When the dead are dead we should leave them alone. That being said, it has been scientifically proven to some degree that thoughts are things, this means that when an individual crosses over, those thought bubbles they had when they were here, remain. AS a medium, my job is to express what is in that bubble to create release, peace and healing for all involved.

The larger part of anyone that has let go of their physical form, has gone to God, become one with source, or gone to heaven. They may have even taken form again as a human to play on earth in another way. However, the unexpressed part remains, that part of them that didn't get to say "I love you," or "Hey this really upset me when I was alive."

I believe the whole purpose of a medium is to help create a space for some of those lingering energies to release that bubble of expression that was left behind. Like a bubble though- once the message is released, it pops and is gone.

I also do a lot of praying before all of my sessions. As an Ordained Minister that has performed exorcisms, I can honestly say not all energies need to be expressed and released, at least not through me. I do not by any means invite just any energy to step into my body. They are not allowed. I allow only the ones that are here to love, share final words they may not have said and ultimately create a space for the human asking about that person, to heal.

All of those orbs you see in photos and in these paranormal tv shows... think of them as unexpressed thoughts. At least, that is my interpretation. When I became a meditation instructor I struggled with this because for years I felt because I saw people, and heard these messages as if it was a real person, that it had to mean the person was there. However, I quickly learned through meditating that the larger part of all moves forward. That thoughts can either be expressed, acknowledged or not. Either way, this should not affect or impact you as a person. You should be able to keep it moving regardless.

My point is, as a Medium, my job is not to conjure the dead, my job is to express what keeps you feeling detached from God so that you can find healing and reconnect again. And remember, someone who has crossed over may have many lingering messages. Just think of all of the thoughts you have in one day! That does not go away simply because one releases their body temple.

Ok going to bed now!

Good Night!

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