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The Psychic Realtor

People call me the Psychic Realtor because the energy of a home speaks to me louder than the client. I can walk into a home and assess right away what it needs and who is the right fit even if a person thinks its the house for them. I am there to clear the space to make sure the home energy and person's energy works well for them. If at the end of the day the house is not a good spiritual match, then I encourage client to walk away. True, I can't make you do anything, however, I am not going to bullshit you for a paycheck. If it ain't the home for you -- I know right away. Even after a clearing.

How I got into that, well truthfully, I love staging homes. I am not by any means the most organized or the best staging person, I do however know instinctively what to get rid of and how to place furniture in a specific way to sell your home.

Growing up, my mom was a Realtor and I use to go with her to show homes. I would instantly feel the energy of the place. I knew if it was going to sell or not based on my visions. I do that to this day. Not just for homes but for people. What is the point of all of this? Well, when you are looking for a home in particular, you can't just rely on whats cheap, pretty or even a good investment, its about energy! Good balanced energy in a home is a good investment all around.

The first thing I remember about my gift is that I started off as Clairaudient. If you don't know what that is, well for a 5 year-old it is scary. Honestly I was a baby babbling full conversations with myself while in a crib when I would get my divine messages like "Do not worry, your body has not yet learned the words", as a parent I always go back to that experience because I know from experience that babbling as a baby means they are talking even if parents don't know what is being said. Years later when my own little boy babbled, I would cry because I knew he was speaking to me and that his body had not yet learned the words. It was a precious time. Now I can't seem to keep him quiet lol!

I have had this ability since I am a child... well a baby actually. It is important for me to share that I did not get certified to become a psychic reader or a medium. Nothing wrong with that, I am open to fine tuning and learning from anyone that shares a similar gift however, no Harvard degree is required when you are born with this talent. For me all it takes is a certain degree of faith to make it all come together and serve you.

In future posts I will get into the details about my psychic intuitive skills as well as the different types of readers that exist. For now I will keep it moving. Also, I prefer to be called a seer. It is a Biblical term that describes what I do accurately. For marketing purposes Jonisha the Medium fits these times more than the branding of Jonisha the Seer. That coupled with the fact and I am also a Medium- a person who expresses messages from those that have crossed over.

Despite the fact that I do have a knack for seeing what is in your space and accurately predicting the path or situation that is coming. I take pride in the fact that I work with the light and the love the Holy Spirit. Please make note, AS A READER I SEE THE MANY POSSIBILITIES THAT YOU HAVE CREATED! It is the Creator and you that decide the path. Readers, the good ones anyway, will remind you that you are in the drivers seat.

So if you are looking for a home and wants to make sure it is the right fit for you, call the Psychic Realtor also knowns as JONISHA THE MEDIUM.

That is it for my rant tonight.


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