Check out my old post from 2005! It is still relevant today! The photo below is from 2017!

Updated: Apr 8, 2019


"Today  I dedicate this blog to the talented  actor out there trying to get work and going about it all wrong.  I have seen and experienced my fair share of bad auditions and I have come to know this.  It is all about who you are being and what you are giving.  More things come to you when you do not look for it or try so hard.  Example I have not auditioned for anything in a while because I have been so focused on my film. My first screenplay! At first,  I was feeling a bit down and then took a deep breath and surrendered because I realized this film is actually getting made. There are people out there willing to support my talent and for that I am grateful. It just sort of came together because I stayed focused and faith filled. I also worked my ass off. It ain't easy learning how to write screenplays when your initial love is theater plays. So I became discouraged. Suddenly, I just got present to what was now and within minutes I received a call from CAA to come in and audition!