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Check out my old post from 2005! It is still relevant today! The photo below is from 2017!

Updated: Apr 7, 2019


"Today  I dedicate this blog to the talented  actor out there trying to get work and going about it all wrong.  I have seen and experienced my fair share of bad auditions and I have come to know this.  It is all about who you are being and what you are giving.  More things come to you when you do not look for it or try so hard.  Example I have not auditioned for anything in a while because I have been so focused on my film. My first screenplay! At first,  I was feeling a bit down and then took a deep breath and surrendered because I realized this film is actually getting made. There are people out there willing to support my talent and for that I am grateful. It just sort of came together because I stayed focused and faith filled. I also worked my ass off. It ain't easy learning how to write screenplays when your initial love is theater plays. So I became discouraged. Suddenly, I just got present to what was now and within minutes I received a call from CAA to come in and audition!

I am grateful for my guidance and my gifts. Now I am no guru, and no I don't sit and meditate all the time (although I should)  but just knowing that you are following I follow my heart, inspires me to tell you that if you do it too, opportunities will come that you never dreamed possible.  If it is the right move and you follow your calling, it may lead you to a career you never even dreamed possible.  Now, I am not famous by any stretch.  I have been on a couple of forgettable shows, and yet I have not had to make a living doing anything else.  You see, if you are committed and come in with hustle and fierce determination, then there is a path in this industry for anyone who has the passion, drive, faith and heart to pursue it.

Here is a tip from producer, director to actor, every audition or theatre piece performed should be your showcase. Your very own version of a short story involving your own character creation.  You can be as method as you want, but at the end of the day (speaking as a producer, director because I have been one who has gone out and produced a couple hundred commercials with my guy from start to finish,) all we want to know about an actor that comes in to audition is,

A) what can they bring to the table to make this production better and the day go smoother.

B) Are they confident?  Because even if you are not a supermodel, there is something about good old fashioned confidence that makes a person become more appealing to the eye.  And most importantly,

C) Are they easy to get along with.  

Believe it or not this is the most important thing even when it comes to working with celebs.  You want to know that you can sit on set with someone for hours with no added drama.

Well since this is my first official Blog, and I will be sharing what ever comes up naturally, it may not always pertain to the arts. Some days I may just share my day, other days I may include in depth interviews with producers, actors, celebs, and entrepreneurs who may not even be in the Entertainment field.  

My goal with this blog is to share what I know and take you on a journey with me as I myself build myself in the world of Entertainment.  First stop is where I am currently living, California.  I have a shoot tomorrow so I will leave you with this first assignment:

Do one thing regarding your career goals today. Example if you are a new actor wanting to break into the biz, make it your priority to pick up a backstage newspaper. Much love!"

HAHA!!! Can you believe this old post?

Wow, This was the first Blog I ever wrote years ago! Before my films, my Son, and my new career as a Psychic Medium. (Gift I always had.) I think it is hilarious that I promoted my "Myspace" page! Wait I deleted that lol!

Anyway, some of the content to follow on the rest of the blogs I created back then are still relevant today, so I am going to post them. What I can appreciate about that time in my life was my willingness to put myself out there and my hope for you is to do the same. Let's see how these Blogs unfold in the upcoming weeks as I piece together the ones that I feel are decent.

For me, creating a one-person show is all about intuition and guidance. Since those old days I was able to work with so many wonderful spring actors and even a couple of celebrities. The magic and synergy we created when creating the right piece from them came from an intuitive divine guidance. One that I still work with to this day. One that has led me to a life of service and healing.

I am grateful for this journey. And plan to post all of those old blogs to piece together the ideas, the homework that can support you on your journey to healing or creating the perfect showcasing vehicle.

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