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This Christmas focus on what you are most grateful for. Connect with your angels that love you so much. I can promise you that they walk with you always.

For many it has been an interesting year filled with lots of ups and downs. People think if you are psychic or spiritually connected that you are somehow immune to the roller coaster we call life. They also assume you can read minds all the time and that you can predict all future events. Not true, only God truly knows the unfolding. People like me are on a path to remind you to reconnect with the light at all times but that doesn't mean we always know the answers. One of my favorite sayings is, "This too shall pass!" So whatever you are going through as the year ends, keep that saying in mind because time always moves forward.

I had a chance to attend Christmas mass with my little one to remind him that this Holiday we call Christmas is not all about Santa and the wish list. It is to celebrate the birth of a very special Psychic-Medium and Healer named Jesus Christ. One of the many reasons why He came was to remind us to always put God in charge of all of your affairs and to live a life in Faith. Happy Birthday Jesus! I'm so grateful for you and thankful for the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for a wonderful year allowing me to serve you. Whether it was helping you find that perfect home or be there for you to guide you back to remembering your path. May you have an healthy and prosperous New Year!

PS- Take advantage of my current Holiday Specials while they last. Please note I will not be doing readings on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Years Day.

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