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Hi Friends,

Long time! Happy New Year and Happy Valentines Day! For the last few months I have been focusing on my boy. He is growing so fast and this is an unprecedented time in history where even a psychic like me can't predict what is coming next. But I do know this, beyond the pandemic with its restrictions, and isolation- there is the choice to choose love and appreciation. I realised that our list of things to do, is not as important as that list of things to love. And with that I stepped away and shifted my focus to the importance of the one relationship in my life that matters most of all during this sensitive time.

Between the Instagrams, tik-toks, Facebooks and more- its important to step back from the online clutter. The noise from all around us can be overwhelming for our spirits. "Watch this, like that, read this, doom, gloom, opinions, perceptions..." People seem to get offended when your life does not revolve around the noise. "Hey why didn't you like my post or watch this video?" Because I shut it all off. And so should you. I'm not saying I won't go down that road at some point, however, my work has always been word of mouth and from the heart. That being said I do like to check in from time to time. One thing I have found is that I have fallen in love with sending hand written cards! If you can understand my handwriting you are in for a treat. Send me your address. I'm taking it back to old school and becoming a pen pal lol!

Anyway as Valentines Day approaches, I wanted to pop on and chat a bit about "purpose". Have you been true to your purpose? Do you know what it is, or have you forgotten it? Does your purpose seem to change from year to year, or day to day? What has been the impact you have made on your own life as a result of your path that propels you forward? Have you stopped believing? Are you feeling lost and discouraged or, hopeful and ready for what is next? Well you my friends are not alone. If you have any of these questions brewing in your mind and heart do not despair. Many of us, myself included, question purpose especially when so often life calling and career choices are not one and the same. And yet, it can be if we remember to have faith that God has our back.

We were not born to suffer and settle but to enjoy life and thrive. Look, as gifted as I may be, from time to time I struggle with these questions myself. The reality is, I have not always fully accepted that I am that lady that can see things. I would much rather be that lady that sells a house without seeing the ghosts standing outside of it saying "No this is my house too", lol. That being said, pretending or hiding that part of myself never works. Try to remember to nourish, enjoy and fine-tune your gifts. Rediscover what they may be for you. Maybe it's not the only thing we are supposed to be sharing with the world, however it does tie into our purpose in some way.

For the past few months, I put Jonisha the Medium to side and focused on becoming the purposeful mom. Cooking balanced meals, running my son from one activity to the next, all while working to close deals with my real estate business. I watched him go from not wanting to take a karate class to taking two sometimes three classes a day and earning his yellow belt in two weeks. All this time he thought his purpose involved playing Roblox. Now, he's enjoying the fact that he can kick and throw punches. He's learning about computers which he is passionate about and this time he's creating the content not just being the consumer.

For a child, their purpose involves the now. Things like handling a challenge such as passing a test, or learning a new skill. So if it's like that with kids, why do adults feel like their purpose centers around the accomplishment of just one thing? Why is it about what happens in the future and not the now. Maybe our purpose is simply to be. To enjoy the unfolding of each new experience. Maybe we are supposed to find joy in the midst of a very non joyous situation.

Keep the faith. Listen to music, join a workout crew, clear the clutter of your home and move some furniture around. You would be surprised by how quickly your spirit will feel once your space and clean, clear and organised.

I've had many emails from some of you about about healing broken hearts. Some of you feeling that very pain and heaviness that sits there. When you feel this. Stop and sit still, hold your hands to your heart and repeat "I am loved, I am safe, all is well". Do this over and over again until that heaviness in your chest subsides. Be as present as you can be with this English mantra. You will feel better.

Be well my friends. I will see you online soon for a Friday night live! Stay tuned.

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