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Jonisha Reads your Blood!

One of the most fascinating things about delving into the world of healing and surrendering to mediumship was the discovery I made when I became a certified "Live blood analyst". or "Live Blood Microscopist." (Yes folks, I have truly done it all.) What is that, you ask? Live Blood analysis is where a single drop of blood is examined under a microscope for the purpose of viewing it and working to create a plan to support the environment that the cells live in to be healthier. This can show abnormalities or deficiencies in the blood that can be corrected with proper diet or other applications. By seeing your own blood and how it works on a monitor this modality acts as a tool to connect your with your cells so that you take action. Then after a few weeks of incorporating the advice of one of the practitioners, we once again check your blood to see if your blood is in a better state. I use it, to read and heal your energy.

Many years ago I went to a Tony Robbins seminar and became fascinated with live blood analysis. The beauty of LBA is that you can see your cells on a live monitor and how they respond to foods you eat or toxins that can circulate through your body. After I became certified and worked with several clients, I made some discoveries of my own. One namely being that the blood can shift their vibration before your eyes based upon your thoughts and feelings about any subject. As a Medium I found it to be so fascinating to discover live blood vibration went hand in hand with some of my sessions. I would be doing readings and watch blood cells transform on the screen. I realized that in the same way water is affected by positive words... so is your blood. Joy of meditation was originally called Cell Vibrations.

I set out to prove my theory and ran some experiments on my little amazon purchased microscope that blew my mind. Doctors like "Internationally renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto shows how the influence of our thoughts, words and feelings on molecules of water can positively impact the earth and our personal health." In his book "The hidden messages in Water." He shares his experiments.

Well since our bodies are about 70- 80% water, then I set out to prove that these same experiments can also be done with blood cells. Finally I had found a way for me to do a reading where I can say, "Don't take my word or even Spirits word for it, just look at your blood." Sadly, my experiments were cut short when my microscope died and I did not replace it, but the message lived on. Clearing your energy and knowing what is good for you is a must because it affects your whole center or well being.

This brings me to your home. Your inner home (cellular makeup, etc), and your physical home brings works with the same energy circulating you. If your home were hooked up to a microscope it would tell a story too. From your inner to your outer world, I have been blessed to be able to connect with all of it. And sometimes my body will literally have me detach from everyone just to regenerate and when I don't listen, evidence pops up all around me in my home. The universe recently literally forced me out of an area I was living in where the air was not good for me and kept me very ill. I refused to listen insisting I was fine. Well, several hospital visits proved otherwise and I surrendered and was led away from the valley by all the 5g networks I was living nearby, to a place on the beach. My health is already improving.

If you don't have access to a microscope here are two things you can do to balance and clear your energy on the inside and outside. Pray over a large 8-10 oz glass of water and drink it. Then wait about ten minutes and start to go through your home and clear anything that doesn't belong there. If you don't feel like doing anything that involved, then burn some white Sage and thank yourself and your home. Whether you can see it on a monitor or not, you will have shifted the energy within yourself and your home.

And if you get a chance check out my link. I'm super excited to be in this directory. Microscope coming soon but in the meantime monitor how you feel and shift always to the light.

Ps- I'm writing this when I should be asleep so, forgive any typos you find, I don't feel like fixing them lol! Good Night!

BTW October is my favorite Month! So take advantage of my October Reading specials. You must send me an email once your book because I do not always get alerted.

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