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Peace be with you my friends.

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

During these times, It is so important that we collectively focus on what we can do instead of on what we can't. Choose love instead of fear.

This short video of mine says all I want to say but in case you can't open it, feel free to read the blog below.

This short video of mine says all I want to say but in case you can't open it, here is the gist.

These days I have been quiet about the Corona Virus with my insight on what is really going on however, now I feel its time to just share and connect if only to let you know that we will pull through this. Turn to fervent prayer, during this time of isolation. Feed your mind with words of wisdom like psalm 27.

A few weeks ago I woke up with panic attacks and saw images about our worlds current events. Quite simply I was given the message to prepare, and I did not listen. I didn't understand what it meant so I didn't take the message seriously. My response was, "Huh?" Look, I am a "medium" meaning I deliver messages from those of the light that have crossed over. All Mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. That being said these days I call myself a spiritual grief counselor because my primary work is to help ease the suffering of those that have lost a loved one by becoming a channel for their words. So when I get a message that is more psychic in nature I always tell my spirit team to show me two or three signs pointing to its validity, and I will then instruct them to also give my clients those signs as well. Thing is when the shop is closed and my phone is off I notice that when it comes to me, I don't pay much attention to these messages that come to me. And, we should. I am not special when it comes to this stuff because we are all gifted with these abilities I truly believe we are one in some way. We all get signs and nudges from within on all aspects of our lives. The issue is are we going to listen? I didn't listen then but I am now. During this time use it to your advantage to connect with yourself and also don't be hero, stay home! Flatten the covid-19 curve.

If you have a dream or receive an intuitive nudge about upcoming events write them down. If there is something that needs to be revealed read back what you wrote over the course of a couple of days and it will become apparent. Lord knows I have ignored many dreams in my life and yet sometimes they can be great tools for hidden guidance. I have always been fascinated with the idea that you can go to sleep, see movie like images in your mind that can give you an answer to a question, and have a choice to decipher the meaning or help relieve some stress in some way. Also, it may mean nothing at all and that is fine. I also learned that sometimes having a dream is simply an illustration of your unconscious mind's fears and as a single mom I have many. My point is this, write down your dreams and then follow your intuitive leads, in other words, if you are pulled from your gut to buy toilet paper instead of soap... listen.

That being said, we are in this thing together, take this time to connect with yourself, meditate. Yes there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, however collect your faith. Find things to enjoy even if it feels impossible. I am here with my son, homeschooling! So although I can not dedicate as much time as I would like for readings, I am available when I can chat (mainly when Izzy is distracted.) You are not alone, it will all be ok. Who knows maybe this is the time we have all needed to reset ourselves.

As always much love to you. I am extending my Saint Patricks Day special through all this and am here if you need me. Also, if you don't have anything to give I'm also accepting donation only readings. Right now, you need to get centered rediscover your faith, read empowering books, meditate and remember that,


And as always forgive any imperfect grammar or spelling errors you find, I just go when I write these things.

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