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The Drive-by Reading!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

It has been a crazy few weeks to say the least. Between work ups and downs, a sudden move, Real Estate market wildness, and realizing how fast my little boy is growing is making my head spin-- As a result, I lost track of being centered. It happens to so many of us. So I got centered with some of my techniques and here I am, able to breathe again.

To those of you that have been thrown some life-changing curve balls...know that it is all ok, it just means there is growth and new opportunities coming. As a medium I have rarely had to deal with spirits or "ghosts" turning lights on and off or opening and closing doors - but recently that has happened. When it occurred I immediately realized I had been so busy that over the course of a few days I had not cleared or grounded my energy! It is so important to do that. It is as simple as praying and giving thanks.

If you are intuitive, as many are, you have to remember to pray everyday and also to set boundaries with any lost souls vying for your attention. With God all is truly love, so sometimes with "dark" spirits its important to remember that at times they linger because they have a message and feel you are their only outlet for expressing that. However, it is not your job to be led by any energy other than your own. And if you are not in alignment or centered in Gods white light, they can try to bombard you. So stay centered, assert your boundaries and shift your attention to all that is positive.

I get lots of emails from people that suffer from what they call "psychic attacks." To this I ask, "When was the last time you prayed and reconnected to your Holy self?" That energy can not and will not come through if you are linked with The Light. That being said, we are human and every so often we are just having a bad day which can open the door. Be mindful of your energy, and remember to clear and ground yourself daily. If you don't know how, I can teach you.

When people find out I am a medium or a healer a lot of times they will want to pull me to the side and ask a "quick question". For years I have fallen prey to this, and welcomed it until recently when my own life had to be dealt with. It was then that I realized that those seeking answers need to do yourself a favor and book a proper reading, mainly because you want the best possible input coming from me or any spiritual teacher/ reader from a place of being aligned. When you have what I call a "drive-by reading", you may get a couple of insights here and there, however it is not always as sharp as it should be. And you deserve to honor yourself and spirit team enough to have any messages from the Other Side delivered from the right energetic space.

When I do sessions with people I always pray or meditate beforehand. By doing this I am able to clear my own personal energy which throughout the day of my regular life as Jonisha collects. For me it is like taking a much needed shower. Its one thing if I feel inspired to share information with someone, in those cases I always ask permission, however the thing about booking a proper session is that:

A) Booking a session requires an act of faith on your behalf that opens the door for your spirit team to communicate through me to you, and it also prepares you. To clarify you can always receive these messages directly, however when you can't I I am here to help and can do it. You are in the drivers seat at all times, I am not doing anything other than reflecting to you what you are unable to see at the moment because you aren't open. Meditating and doing work beforehand creates the space to open energetically properly.

B) Drive-bys require no homework. With the homework you are given for a planned session, you are then able to connect with the best energy and information that you are aligned to receive.

C) You just feel better and get a quality message that will resonate deeply.

If you were riding a bus, would you walk on the bus and ask a question like "Hey what should I do about this issue?" No.

When you pull a reader to the side especially if you see that the reader is frazzled what you get is a bus message as opposed to a team message. Again, this is not always the case, however more often than not, setting the time aside for you to connect is imperative for you and the Medium, Healer, or Psychic. It signals your team that you are ready to listen and receive fully.

Also, think about it like this:

A surgeon works on his patients and when he is done with work he is able to shut down a bit. Imagine someone running up to him and saying "Can you do surgery on me right now?" How well would he do? He doesn't have his tools, his scrubs, can't make a proper assessment of what is going on to determine the proper procedure. It is the same for a healer. We are here to serve you in the best way possible. Some of you may need a tune up with energy healing, or to make peace with your grief over a loss one parting ways on this earth. All instances are different, so prepare, align and connect.

Develop your ability to connect with your intuitive self. You don't need me to do it, however I am here to help. And with that we will be having a pop-up weekend certification course this October 5th & 6th. This two day class is 249, and If you sign up before Oct 4th it is $199!!!

October is my favorite month of the year! Be on the look out for surprise specials throughout the month. Learn how to align, clear, and listen to the positive guided energy around you.

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