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The Los Angeles House Whisperer

Happy Sunday friends. It has been months since I have last been seen or heard from online. There have been some new updates in my life along with vivid dreams, prophecy and the need to step back from all of the noise.

As many of you know, I work with homes as a Realtor and homes have always spoken to me in the same way that a spirit does that longs to communicate. with a loved one. I tend to listen to the call of clearing the home more so than listening to spirits, because when you transform the energy of someones homes, often times they are inspired to look inward to access the channels within themselves to communicate with those that they long to hear from on their own terms. They also can connect with the Holy Spirit that loves and gently guides us all.

Over the past few months there have been some friends that have crossed over suddenly. Three in particular were near and dear to my heart. This news caused me to think of a myriad of moments we had together. It reminded me of how important it is the be grateful for the magical moments that we share with one another.

We all go through our own seasons and struggles in life. Therefore, it's so important to remain grateful, to release all grudges and to forgive especially when you are in anger, judgement or just don't want to. I witnessed one woman wither away in anger filled with regret and not willing to release all of the negative perceptions she experienced while here. Missing out on the love that those around her wanted to give and until her dying day still choosing to focus on those that she felt wronged her despite not noticing that those very people she was angered with, were the same ones at her bedside making sure her exit was comfortable. These were the same ones that created the space for her to have final visits from many who were unaware of her diagnosis. Now that is crossed over on the other side, she gets it. She is at peace now. She forgives. She realised her false perceptions got in the way of seeing the truth of the gift of friendships, of the life she had. She now knows that those friendships, the collection of moments that may have even seemed unfavourable at times, were all there to support her- to serve her. All of those instances in your life that you hate, are actually meant to awaken you. And no, they do no always feel good. Sometimes they downright hurt.

Health crisis, divorce, miscarriages, financial woes, disease, menopause-all of it including fear, worry, and anxiety can make anyone lose faith in people and especially faith in God. But then when you release and surrender to the idea that perhaps that which you call God has nothing to do with your own suffering but is there to catch you when you fall, something happens within, something shifts. Suddenly those people, those issues, those diseases reveal their purpose to you and if you listen to the messages of it all, you will see that from the grips of a hell that you created with the false perception, were not meant to hurt you but instead were meant to move you, to teach you, to grow you, to remind you, to prod you into allowing the love that is the truth that surrounds you, to wake your ass up! The Now will never let you down if you remain still and present.

Many years ago when I was drawn the arts for self expression and quite frankly a love connection (because I felt at one with all when I took that stage)- I stumbled upon a teacher who was dedicated to the craft of stand up comedy. His name was David Arnold. David Arnold was by far one of the best, if not the best stand up comedic teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I went to him because I wanted to do the thing that scared me most... attempt to be a standup comic. Comedians have a special place in my heart because they step on stage to give the one gift that so many overlook during times of turmoil, grief or sadness. And that my friends is the art of laughter. The ability to laugh at your fears and admit your mistakes with a smile gives us permission to do the same and recognise that nothing really matters as much as we think it does.

Many years ago I had a one woman show that I wanted to turn into a stand up show. Weekly David and I chipped away at it in class and in private sessions at Starbucks - finally after weeks, we carved out a small set that ironically enough had no connection to my solo show at all. It took months to get 2 hours of material into 5 to 7 minutes of stand up. When I tell you comics are God's angels and the work that it takes to craft jokes or stories that bring people together is no easy feat, I mean it sincerely. Friends as I carve out the date and time to bring you the latest masterpiece getting help from the other side on this has been such a blessing. Stay tuned...

When I got word that my teacher and friend David Arnold had passed away suddenly, it shook me to my core. And I didn't find out in a normal way. There were no calls emails or announcements. Instead I got a supernatural visit. I was fast asleep when at around 2:22 am when I heard David say, "Stop bullshitting at get back on stage." I immediately woke up and searched the room. I heard him laugh and that's when it hit me. Aloud I asked "David, are you dead?"

I remember going through something similar not too long ago when an ex lover of mine woke me up in the same manner one night. He was intelligent profound business man that battled with being bi-polar. Only when I heard the sound of his voice wake me up, I was shocked to see that he was sitting on the bed covered head to toe in scales like that movie "The Shape of Water." He encouraged me to enjoy my life in this human incarnation of a lady named Jonisha. He was deep.

I later learned that he was found dead in the bathtub at his childhood home submerged in water ... I don't know the truth of what happened to him. Sometimes I wonder that because he was such a smart man that maybe this was a fabrication and in reality he faked his own death- But nonetheless that night it was him that came to me. ( Look, just cause I am gifted with my abilities doesn't mean I know it all friends.) What I do remember is the message he gave me- he said in my half asleep half awake state, that I should enjoy this human expression that is Jonisha and share my gifts. Both times upon hearing these familiar voices, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for the moments I knew them when. And then in both cases after the voice left, I researched online only to confirm that these two inspirational men were in fact now deceased.

David's death brought me to me knees in tears. He was a family man dedicated to his wife, kids. Because he was an emblem of hope for those of us that believe in manifesting the fullest expression of who you are in the name of whatever talent you are called to, it was my reminder that our gifts should be shared. And it was also an admonition that our bodies should be loved and cared for so that we can continue to contribute that voice from within in whatever capacity it is meant to.

Which brings me to the evolution of my gift. Although I have called myself a psychic medium to describe what I do, the realisation came to me that I'm more of a Seer... since birth. And this title resonates with me as I feel more aligned with it. I have discovered that the gift I had as a child was not that I could hear random sprits but that I could hear one that has guided me all my life and has also helped others through me. I once used cards and divining tools but I never needed them. I have never been the tarot card reader down the street and I have noticed that readings always change, what is shown today may not be around tomorrow if you pray about it. My healings and why they work and have worked for many of you is because of the prayer. I have also received prophetic dreams and very intense messages that are not small but having to with the state of the world and how to heal that. Things I will share in due time. I also have always been called to the stage to share stories and Humor and yet again as I feel at one with people on stage it was more about communion and that feeling of oneness that pulls me on rather than the need to have people come out and see a show that will be on some tv series. It was never about that for me.

Lately the "house" is where my passion lies. Everyone wants to be led home. Whether its your physical home or internal heart home, that all inclusive feeling is the same...peace, a sense of belonging and pure love. From the time I was a baby in the crib I knew and understood that the energy of compassion is that same energy that guides me today. I had a talk with a man that wanted to leave everything and be away from everyone as a cry to "Be Alone" and the thing is, in his escape to be alone he still has to return. When you can find peace alone as well as in a crowded room... you got it. It's a dance and takes practice. Like a well crafted joke that gets a laugh.

My love of homes, the desire to bring people back to themselves from the inside out or the outside in... the message of HOME is the space of grace.

When you are at home in a physical house or sitting with yourself at home, in mediation or at the beach you feel that sense of home.

On another note, I became an auntie for the first time! A big congratulations to my sister Jennifer who has given birth to a beautiful little girl named Liberty Grace. Her stunning hazel eyes remind me that if you are present enough you can see the face of God smiling at you through another being.

In conclusion, the past few months have been about silence, grief, acceptance and gratitude. So today I want to thank you. I am grateful for you! You that took the time to read this typos and all, You who call yourself my friend. You who I may have only spent time with briefly. You my clients, You my loves, You my child, my pets, My parents and for the many homes and families I serve that believe in the cause. The tranquility of a home that I have the privilege and honour to clear and work in.

Tune into the home that is you. And for the record, no you do not need tarot cards, angel cards, or any divination tools inside there is a gracious loving voice - I have said many times and have also been shown most recently that all of that is like Dumbo's magic feather. True connection to spirit requires your undivided attention, purity of heart, and surrender. The willingness to not distract yourself with trinkets which is what I teach when clearing a home. There is strong energy in the feeling you get when you are still and know of GOD.

A word on the healings, readings, that I do. It is never about what I see or even those who come to say hi. It is always about the healing that comes to you when you are half asleep and half away during those times where you want to just give up on life. In those moments of surrender be still and you will feel the hug, the healing and the grace. And you may even be inspired to to clean your house and thus clean up your act in the process.

Your homework, take a long walk today. Leave your phone behind. Feel into the Grace that surrounds you and guides you.

Announcements: I will be hosting an open house Nov 27th and Dec 4th if you are in the area come check out this gem of a home and gain some tips on how I took this home from being dark and troubled to lit up and cleared ready for a new family to love as the current family spreads their wings in flight to somewhere new.

I am looking for a client who wants to sell or buy a home that would not mind being on camera as we walk through clearing the home so that you can see if it should be sold or kept. If you or someone you know fits that description inbox my assistant at I will get the message. You can not be camera shy.

My Facebook lives will return in the new year. Until then catch me here and there on Instagram live as I share the journey of homes and healing around LA or book me for a session please note that your payments go to various charities that I'm guided to give to on your behalf.

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1 commentaire

Wendi Brod
Wendi Brod
21 nov. 2022

Um, wowzers! I was brought to tears. I was inspired. I felt a rush of hope and grace greet me at the end of some sentences. That was quite a journey I just took reading that. You’re a beautiful gift. I look forward to next year to experience whatever you have coming for the world. Healing, clearing, laughing, motivating and reminding us of Grace! Love you little bean!!

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