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Happy Day of Love! Avalanche of Kindness is needed!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I do not watch tv. I believe in "High-touch", not "High Tech." Therefore I'm bringing back the old school hand written notes! Hopefully you can understand my handwriting. Once you have read the message of the day below feel free to reply with you land address. One day you may just get a hand written hi.

Although I did not watch the Oscars, I did have a chance to watch the movie "The Joker." Honestly, I don't watch horror films or violent films, I pretty much stick to humor mainly because as a Medium I prefer to keep my energy in a higher frequency. That being said, there are certain actors that are just too amazing to pass up. The commitment that Joaquin Phoenix portrays in "The Joker", when he is in character is so inspiring. This past December when I visited CT I watched this film and although I found the movie to be dark, I also felt that it did a great job of delivering the message that people aren't people aren't born evil. Something triggered them. Even if they had been a monster in a past life they typically come into this word having forgotten their old life ready for a new start and open to love.

And working with The Holy Spirit, I have come to know there is only love.

About a year ago I lost someone I loved deeply to mental illness. A friend, a lover and a mentor. Someone no one would think had any issues. A person that rejected my healing work because he had lost all faith and felt it was his path to weather the storm. I will admit it was hard to watch. I would sit and cradle this beautiful man for hours as he wept and couldn't understand why he was feeling so miserable. As a friend all I could do was hold space and be there when the tears would stop flowing.

When I'm working with people who have lost someone tragically, or when I sit with those who suffer from things they have done to others that the average person can not forgive, I try to remember once again that we all come into this world as love and light and only circumstances dictate the choices a person sometimes feels forced to make good or bad. Let's get back to love. You are the one in charge always, you and God at the helm. And when you are struggling with your faith then all that it means is that its time for you. to step outside of yourself.

In honor of seeing the light in one another and striving for the good of humanity I invite you today to do one random act of kindness for someone else today. I dare you to be bold enough to step outside of you. And if it feels it again.

I also want to take the time to say how much I appreciate all of you! Long Shout out alert!

Happy Love day to my wonderful parents Johnny n Millie. They past December and Jan. they gifted me and Izzy such a great Holiday getaway back East and we so appreciated all that was put into that trip. My Baby Daddy, Uncle Jeremy, My heart and love muffin Izzy who teaches me to remain present always. It all goes by so fast it is nuts how big he is now. My beautiful girls friends all of you whom I have not seen in forever! You know who you are! I so appreciate that you still love me despite the fact that my time is limited on the phone mainly because it gives me an excuse to make a date and see your beautiful faces! Seeing your smiles light me up.

I adore my new and past clients who have also become my new friends. When you surrender and open to the messages guided through me to you it creates healing for both of us. Last but not least, my Love Chris who has been such a Godsend and wonderful soul I truly have never known anyone who is this kind. My sister who has dedicated her life to becoming a nurse in service of others and many more that I just adore.

PS- I am extending my Holiday Special for the Month of February in honor of Love. Please book and schedule online, remember to click on services button up top on the website and that will lead you to the scheduling and booking page. Always book the slot regardless even if you think its too far head because if anything opens up sooner schedule wise leave that message on the note section once your appointment is officially booked and we can make it work if I am able.


Jonisha The Medium.

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1 Comment

Christopher Rotolo
Christopher Rotolo
Feb 10, 2020

I love you honey

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