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In the midst of it all. Happy B-lated Easter!

"Today marks 4 weeks of isolation. Running 3 miles a day with a mask on, no meat, dairy, flour or sugar. 🏃🏻‍♀️💪 Zero alcohol! A healthy vegan diet, gluten free, caffeine free and an hour home workout at the end of each night. I lost 14lbs of fat and gained muscle mass. The change has been fantastic! I feel great!

I have no idea whose status this is, but I am really proud of them so I decided to copy and paste it! I hope to see you all at brunch in 18 months! 😂

I saw this on my friends post and laughed so hard when I got to the end. While it is true that many people are using this time to get their life together, others like me, are just trying to get through homeschool so I can hide in the bathroom to call a friend and say hi for five minutes. These days I am just grateful to have food on the table and a happy 6 year old. I'm also thankful that I can do my remote healing sessions and still be able to work with my clients over the phone as I always have. My sister on the other hand is not so lucky. She is a nurse on the East Coast that is constantly shuffling patients around trying to keep them alive in the hopes that she herself remains safe. This week she saved someones life when she had to respond quickly to a patient in desperate need of oxygen. She grabbed two oxygen tanks that were left empty. Finally, in a scramble she located one that had some oxygen left and used that tank to save her patients life. These are the feats these those on the front lines are going through daily, and they are not even being provided with the sufficient amount of N95 masks to get it done.

She has had to be forced to use reusable masks while going from patient to patient in which she deemed it unsafe and unfair! In some cases these nurses had been asked to give up their masks all together. Has it gotten better? Not yet, however I believe it will. Summer is just around the corner and I do sense that during those months things will be lightened up. My sister has asked to remain anonymous, even though you all may know who she is. My nick name for her is Arthur. ( Don't ask, I have no idea lol!) Thank God she is ok however, it has been a very tough time. I truly believe that prayer has helped. Prayer & Meditation has also kept me sane and somewhat creative.

As a result of hearing about my sister, I have launched my free Friday night zoom series. I have tried it on Facebook, and Instagram and so far I prefer zoom. I am not a tech savvy perfectionist type in the same way that these blogs may have typos. Everything I do, I do leading from my heart and I felt pulled to serve in this way. Therefore, I will be doing Friday night lives weekly. Or at least I will aim to make them weekly.

This Friday is for our nurses as part of an ongoing effort to be there for them. They need to talk and receive some healing love too. So if you know someone in healthcare that is a nurse on the front lines looking for someone to pray with them, and lift up the energy with a clarity session please forward them this blog or have them follow "Jonisha the Medium" on Instagram or my Facebook page so that they can receive a link to that session and any other future zoom lives.

Once again please keep in mind I am only available to talk on the phone via a booked session or a Facebook live freebie on days that my son is with his Dada. Other than that when my little one in quarantine with me it means that I can only talk freely on the phone as I said earlier, when I'm in the bathroom, hiding in the closet or if I just let him join in. ( Ha you thought I was joking?) Nope, he is always around and if you are a parent I am sure you can relate. I try not to talk on the phone because I don't want him to hear certain conversations, I also don't want him to see Mommy on the gadgets because then he uses that against me. "Mom you were on the phone so I can play video games." I'm like no! The other day he was listening in on one of my conversations and shouts, "Ma, who died? I'll pray too." God love him. What an innocent love bug. I get so mad at myself when I allow my personal stress to get to me. I should know better and yet I am still human despite my special gift. Lately, I have been working on letting go of the need to control where I will have my next drive by conversation. I find those tend to be on the drive to the grocery store. I also am ok to email or text during his sleep time hours. The thing is for me that is my quiet time. And Lord knows I need those.

I can't believe how big he is! Next month he will be 7years old!!! I looked at him today and teared. It is what it is. Do the best you can. I'm not here to fake it till I make it. It is what it is and we are going through this shit together and guess what, God is walking alongside us every step of the way. We just have to stop, and notice.

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