In the midst of it all. Happy B-lated Easter!

"Today marks 4 weeks of isolation. Running 3 miles a day with a mask on, no meat, dairy, flour or sugar. 🏃🏻‍♀️💪 Zero alcohol! A healthy vegan diet, gluten free, caffeine free and an hour home workout at the end of each night. I lost 14lbs of fat and gained muscle mass. The change has been fantastic! I feel great!

I have no idea whose status this is, but I am really proud of them so I decided to copy and paste it! I hope to see you all at brunch in 18 months! 😂


I saw this on my friends post and laughed so hard when I got to the end. While it is true that many people are using this time to get their life together, others like me, are just trying to get through homeschool so I can hide in the bathroom to call a friend and say hi for five minutes. These days I am just grateful to have food on the table and a happy 6 year old. I'm also thankful that I can do my remote healing sessions and still be able to work with my clients over the phone as I always have. My sister on the other hand is not so lucky. She is a nurse on the East