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Pop up Intro Class this Sunday!

Limited Spots available. See details below! 


I wanted to take a moment to send you this little BLOG to invite you to my Psychic Development Intro Workshop this Sunday August 4th.

I believe that although everyone has psychic or intuitive abilities, and some have mediumship skills, not everyone knows how to work with it.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tap into your own intuition? What if I can share a few valuable tools you can use everyday that can unlock this potential? 

It was a near death experience I had as a child and countless other supernatural situations in my life that led me to trust in my heart that I have been lovingly spiritually guided by the Holy Spirit to do this work. Many of you don't know my story and by attending this class you will finally hear it... well some of it.  The rest will be in a book.  Don't worry I'm not here to preach, and this class will be secular, meaning we aren't going into any Religious Dogma, however you need to know up front that I won't hide my passion for the importance of connecting to the Divine to be able to tap into any healing work. 

 I take the responsibility of being a professional Medium very seriously.  I personally am still learning new things everyday about this gift.  It comes with a tremendous responsibility to those I serve.  I also believe that this work is something that chooses you, something that you are called to do. But just because you may not embark on the journey of becoming a professional at this, doesn't mean you can't learn to connect and use it for yourself.   Whether you decide to develop this gift professionally in the future, or you simply want to learn some techniques that can help ground you in your life experience - then you are welcomed to attend my intro class.  

What you will learn:

• There are many different types of intuitive modalities, you will learn what those are and  find out which one is yours.

• You will also learn techniques to keep yourself, clear, aligned and grounded in the event you suddenly get unshakable feelings of anxiety or many other indescribable feelings.

• We will have special guest teachers that are here to share powerful teachings and lead you in positive interactive activities.

• You will learn important Do's and Don'ts when working with clients. 

• You will also be conducting intuitive readings with classmates.

* And if this is your first time learning and you have no desire to read ever, its ok- the activities we teach can be used for any situation in your life. 

My hope is that this will be the first of many classes as we continue this journey together. After all, you wouldn't take one driving lesson and then sign up for a car race would ya?  Wait, did you just say yes? Not me lol!

All joking aside in my experience over the years I have learned that it takes time to develop your gifts  through consistent alignment. It also takes practice to be fully able to receive. Then from that place of Grace, you are guided on your personal path, whatever that may be. Side note, although you can't truly predict how anything is going to go 100% of the time regarding how you receive from Spirit, you can always be a beacon of light for others and leave them feeling better than when they came in.

So join us. Come with an open heart and be prepared to share.  I'm all about creating an atmosphere of JOY.

Normally this powerful 1 Day Course would is valued at $750, but I will be offering to you for only $199. *This will include light snacks and your very own ‘psychic enhancement tool kit’

I only have 15 slots available for this workshop. Enroll Today via Venmo @JonishaTheMedium

Or click on the link below that will direct you to my website Jonisha The, Click on the Services page, then scroll and click "Psychic Development" button.

Enroll Today!

Sunday, August 4th, 11 am - 4 pm at:

The Studio Los Angeles 16917 Ventura Blvd. Encino, CA 91316

📷Jonisha The Medium | psychic readingsJonisha Rios is an ordained minister who realized her gifts as a psychic and medium at an early age while growing up in the suburbs of Connecticut. She co-owned the first yoga studio in the Bronx and created an international yoga teacher training curriculum that has graduated hundreds of students world wide.📷White Oak Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA6613797799 Share Via:

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