Hello spirit family!

How have you been? It has been a long while. With all the content clutter online -between the Instagrams, tik-toks, Facebooks and more I just pulled away. It's all too much, "Watch this, like that, read this.." People seem to get offended when your life does not revolve around how many likes you can get. I'm not saying I won't go down that road at some point, however, my business has always been word of mouth and from the heart. That being said I do like to check in from time to time. Recently I have fallen in love with sending hand written cards! If you can understand my handwriting you are in for a treat. Send me your address. I'm taking it back to old school and becoming a pen pal lol!

I wanted to pop in today and chat a bit about "purpose" -

What is it for you? Does it change year to year day to day? What has been the impact you have made on your own life as a result of your path that propels you forward?