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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Last night I launched my camper at a Halloween event. It was fun. I was dressed as a fortune teller. As I was doing mini readings, I quickly realised why I won't work at a "Psychic shop". I did once before, mainly because I really liked the owner. She had a heart of gold and cared about her clients. That being said, I stepped in mainly to help because it was just her. In fact when I found the shop I was looking at spaces because I wanted to own a shop of my own where I could do occasional readings, I wanted my very own bookshop.

Accepting the job at this little shop taught me a lot about business and all that comes along with it. The owner was barely making ends meet and it just seemed so stressful. Watching her clamour for customers was something I just didn't want to do. I like purity of allowing the universe to bring people to me naturally.

At the shop there were many different readings that one could do. There are so many tools. Although I can do these types of readings with clarity, the fortune telling path is not for me.

Back in my camper last night as people shuffled in and out, I felt drained. I'm a medium and a healer at heart that connects with your home for overall inside and out wellbeing. Most of the time I don't have to talk or tell you what I see in order to be a conduit for that magical energy that we all have access to. So that is how I intend to use my camper. Its a spot where you can have tea, get comfy and whatever comes through comes through. WE are not there looking for a result, we are there so you can open yourself up to your guidance and quiet your mind, if only for a moment.

The offerings given are an act of faith that is then sometimes distributed based on where I am guided to give. This month and next I have chosen Feeding families to give to so that people always have food. During the pandemic and even now there are people that are not eating. For me personally I could live in a tiny space with nothing and be happy, yet if I'm hungry... I would never wish that on anyone. Before that, I chose schools and in particular my sons school. I appreciated how they have handled the kids during the quarantine, pandemic and overall world craziness. The teachers have been amazing. My son has never been happier. This Friday he gets to enjoy his first ever Halloween school parade.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the weekend. Join me on clubhouse of Facebook under jonisha the medium for free readings and connection time when I pop on.

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